Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tougher than it looks

So the Vilppu train keeps chugging along, no sign of stopping yet. This is about the point where I gave up last time I tried, because I got sidetracked into doing my webcomic, so I'm eager to see what new things I discover from here on out.

One thing I did discover is that the soft, flexible boxes which I started doing today are hard! Seriously, it's the first really challenging part I've come across and it occurs suddenly to me as I type this that it's the exact same thing I found tough about the flour sack!! Holy crap. How did I not see that?

Well, that tells me one thing right off, I need to work on this a lot. It's part of my daily routine now, so the aim is to do a page or two a day for the next little way along with my other regular stuff. The list keeps growing of stuff I do regularly, but the amount that I enjoy it is going up too, so it all works out. Let's see, two pages of spheres (with ellipses), two pages of regular boxes, 1-2 pages of bendy boxes, and 1-2 pages of blobs. If I can just do that until the end of the month, I think I'll be on the track of something big.

In any case, here's today's results.

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