Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Totally not naughty bits

So a month into summer holidays, I've come to a decision about my short-term goals. They're pretty simple, really. I plan to work my way through The Vilppu Drawing Manual, and complete at least two animation projects. Nothing big, but enough to build on the skills I gained this past year. Even if those two things is all I accomplish in the next three months, I'll still be a far better artist than I am now, so it's something to look forward to.

So here's where I am right now, round forms. Pretty simple, really. First of all, I'm doing two pages of this daily:

Looks simple, right? That's 'cuz it is. Nothing but spheres, or rather circles and crossed ellipses. Couldn't be easier. But as simple as it is, the benefits are huge, helping me build confidence, become more efficient at mark-making, build my spacial sense and get way better at drawing and conceiving rounded forms. That's a lot of stuff just for two pages of circles a day.

The other exercise, which I really started to get serious with yesterday, is taking those round shapes and combining them. So making blobby forms, stretching them, twisting them, piling them one on top of another, making critters out of them, giving them personality. It's tonnes of fun, seriously, and I don't think I could really get into it to this degree without two years of art training under my belt. Here's what I managed to produce today:

Cool beans, huh? And lemme tell ya, it's HARD to put a big blob and a smaller blob together and not have it come out as someone's naughty bits. Dunno if I succeeded 100%, but there's still a lot of cool, funky stuff in there. I'll post more as I get them done, so stay tuned.

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