Thursday, June 2, 2011

Changed my mind

About Tumblr, that is. I'd heard it's a good place for posting images, so it sounded tailor-made for an art blog.


Yeah, I like the image uploading, but for the sort of thing I'm doing that's about it. As a social media tool, it's great. And it's fine for light blogging. Even better, it's fine for following a whole bunch of cool people in one place, reblogging their stuff with your own comments, etc. It's just not great for doing a dedicated sketch blog, like this one.

So for now, Blogger is where I blog.

In art-related news, I'm beginning to sense a trend. When I tell myself at the beginning of the summer I want to concentrate on developing certain skills, I will be totally off base. I told myself at the beginning of the summer that I wanted to concentrate on gestural animation and maybe go back to doing Vilppu studies.

What I'm actually concentrating on is anatomy (Bridgeman, Hampton) and cartooning. Go figure.

Here's some of the latter: