Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Audio quality

Not a lot of art today, just two pages of boxes and one of increasingly disturbing blob creatures. I'm not really sure what it says about my subconscious that I'm tending toward more and more complex, mass-of-writhing-flesh creations, but there you go. I assume it's something about my mother.

In any case, I thought I'd pass on a couple of music podcast recommendations today. Like a lot of artists, I listen to music a lot, but I haven't exactly got a huge budget for CD's. So while I'm not all that morally opposed to downloading albums, it's really way too much of a hassle so I can't be bothered. Besides, how do I find out who the good artists even are? Not a lot of my current circle of friends are into the music I'm into, as far as I know, so I can't rely on them for recommendations.

So enter podcasts. Honestly, I'd been avoiding the whole podcast scene and iTunes in general up until about Christmas. It wasn't something I really wanted to deal with. But then my mother went and got me an iPod for Christmas, and you know how these things go. So I've recently gone looking about at a few random podcasts, and I came up with a couple of gems to share.

KEXP A radio station in Seattle, they've got a bunch of offerings. Most importantly, Music that Matters and the Song of the Day. I've downloaded a bunch of the shows, and found a lot of really amazing stuff that I wouldn't have otherwise. And you owe it to yourself to subscribe to Song of the Day and download the track by The Redwood Plan. It's wicked, really.

Acoustic Long Island They've got an audio and video podcast, the audio generally runs about a half hour, with an hour for the Open Mic nights. All acoustic and folk, which lends itself to not only great performances but great storytelling and banter in between songs, which I personally love. The Princess Peapod show from last October is really awesome, check that out.

TransAtlantic Acoustic Podcast A cool variety show hosted by Sam Salter in the UK and jill no jack in the US, again loads of lively banter and seriously good acoustic music. Pretty wide variety of styles, although not a lot of shows online. Still worth a listen at about a half hour a pop.

The Roadhouse Blues, blues, blues! I'm more of a folk and acoustic fan than a blues fan, but an hour a week of good, solid blues isn't something I'm gonna turn down. Lots of independent and small label stuff as well as bigger acts, and an intelligent host who knows his way around the business. Worth it every time.

The Perfect Beat For those days you really need your blood moving, three hours of solid dance beats from DJ Eros every Wednesday. Loads of variety, great textured mixes and energy galore, I love it!

So yeah, here's some art.

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