Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yum yum

If you're a fan of comic art at all, then the fact that Pierre Alary has been posting pages from his upcoming adaption of Moby Dick lately. You can go check it out at his blog.

Tried baking bread in the crockpot today, results were pretty decent and it didn't heat the kitchen up like regular bread baking, but I dunno. Seems a lot of trouble to go through for the result you get. I'll probably just continue to bake bread the usual way as winter comes on. The process I use gets good results, and in many ways it's a meditative exercise. I'd hate to miss out on that benefit just for the sake of putting something in the crock.

For art today, it's something a bit unusual. My boyfriend's birthday was last month, and seeing as I've got no money to speak of this summer it was rather a challenge to decide what to do for him. Well, he conveniently made an open challenge around that time to make an anthro version of the gunships from the game Half Life 2. This is what they look like, so you can see it was a bit of a challenge. Well, it took a few weeks, but I finally managed to get my skill up to the point where I could create something that more or less looked like what I imagined. Hopefully, he'll like it.


Travis said...

Oh, makes me think of some of my favorite Japanese moe anthropomorphisms, Mecha Musume.

and what's more, you can buy figures!

Yeah, I am quite a nerdy, geeky guy.

Kelseigh said...

Man, I remember seeing the Gundam Girls in the 90's, and the airplane ones not too long after that. Not surprised it's become a trend.

Thing about the gunships, they actually are semi-biological, so anthro versions make sense. I just had this idea of the rotor being in her belly and running with it.