Friday, August 7, 2009


It's not ready yet, but I can smell it from here (not much of a trick, since it's only about five metres). Crockpot shepherd's pie. With a few minor revisions of course. But in the end you've got lean beef, mushrooms, mushroom soup, garlic, Montreal steak spice, a little wasabi, a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce, peas, corn and cheese, topped with mashed potatoes with the skins on, all simmering away for the past several hours.

The smell is fair to drive one mad. I can only hope it'll taste nearly as nice.

I also see that Martyr Tom managed to, at least briefly, meet up with PZ Myers at the Ken Ham Hebrew Mythology Theme Park. Knowing Honest Tom, he's fibbed just a little tiny bit, given that the atheist crowd was something on the close order of 300. PZ posted photos of the group that greeted them (assumedly Tom's), and it didn't really look too impressive.

Speaking of Tom, things have calmed down a bit since he went on a banning spree, all in the name of being "civil". Which means you're not allowed to call him a liar when he lies, but he's allowed to call "atheists" (which he seems to think means "scientists" and "not crazy people") insane and deluded, and make up all sorts of wacky shit. Here's a hint for you, Tommy, if you don't want people to call you a liar, STOP LYING ALL THE TIME.


Anonymous said...

Sorry very off topic, but I don't know if you saw but mad Tom deleted a very reasonable post by the reasonable christian himself (Thomas)
posted as Jonathon.

Whilst here your art is very good.

House Martin.

Anonymous said...

PS apologies ,
please ignore my last post I'm either going crazy - too much time on Pastor Tom's site , or he relented and put that post back up.

The reasonable christian minister's post did appear to vanish for a while !

Kelseigh said...

How very odd, I can still see the post by Jonathan starting with "I'm the so-called Christian minister." However, he's gone through and taken out any links to the Thomas Society blog, regardless of content of the messages.

Tom Estes is acting very, very scared for some unknown reason. He's certainly not what one would consider an honest man to start with, but there seems to be something extremely emotional going on over there.

And thanks for the compliment. I'm trying to get as much improvement as possible before I start Animation classes in September. Only four weeks!