Thursday, August 20, 2009

Stick a fork in him

So it looks like Pastor Tom Estes, King of the Martyrs has not only jumped the shark, but dived straight into it's gullet. In short, he's become a ridiculous bore by doing what he thinks is a good idea: banning comments by people who disagree with him (who he collectively calls "atheists").

If you're not familiar with the Creationist propaganda-monger in question, he's the fellow who appeared out of nowhere on PZ Myers' blog (link on the sidebar) right before the big visit to Ken Ham's Hebrew Mythology Theme Park, acting all chummy and offering not only to show PZ around the place, but inviting "atheists" back to his blog to debate.

Well, after soundly getting kicked around the playground by the not-insane, and actively hiding from PZ at the "Museum", he's gotten increasingly passive-aggressive to his commenters finally wrapping up in an orgy of Waaaaaaahhhhh, where he loudly claims he was never interested in PZ in the first place, didn't know he was a "god-hater", and doesn't want these vile, lying atheists dirtying up the place. So while watching Tom's continued descent into madness is fun and all, the main reason for reading his blog was to see the much smarter commenters repeatedly pwn him. So this will be the last he appears here, since in the end he's just another idiot.

So to counteract all that, here's something cute drawn from Preston Blair. Sorry there's no nekkid ladeez, I'll definitely post some tomorrow. Promise!


EastwoodDC said...

Maybe you can sketch Pastor Tom's head on the body of a nekkid lady - bet that would really annoy him. ;-)

On the other hand, it might insult the ladies, so perhaps not. :-?

Kelseigh said...

Hah, I think it would be more of an insult to the ladies.

Tom would secretly enjoy it, then write a nasty blog post about me.

Totnesmartin said...

I like your animal drawings just as much, so I don't mind the shortage of nekkid ladeez. It's not like there's a dearth of NL's on the intertruckotron anyway...

Kelseigh said...

Is true, but someone I think a lot of requested more, and unfortunately I haven't been able to deliver promptly. Either way, more drawings on the way!