Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This guy are sick

Not really a lot to say tonight. One more life drawing class at Sandy Hill before school starts again, I'll have enough to do after that. Besides, I'll get a four-hour block of it every Monday afternoon, so I figure I'll be good.

Finally found out when orientation for the Animation program is (Monday), and immediately decided not to go. For one thing, it's largely aimed at students new to the college, and college in general, while I've been at Algonquin a year already and this is my fourth run at post-secondary eduction. So I'm pretty familiar with it all. But the more important factor was that students attending the orientation have to attend two breakout sessions. And on my personal scale, "breakout" and "fun" are at opposite ends. So no thanks.

Anyhow, I'm just hoping for my student loan papers to come tomorrow, so I can run in on Friday and get them signed and otherwise taken care of. I'll need to update my student ID anyhow, and put some food money on it anyhow (if you use it like a cafeteria debit card, you get 5% off everything). So it's worth the trip. I've already got my locker paid for and the lock on it, so at least that's one fiddly little errand taken care of.

So in any case, here's my daily Preston Blair stuff and this week's life drawing. I especially like the attitude in the last one.

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