Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fun while it lasted

Guess I'm not going to be tweaking the pathalogically dishonest Pastor Tom at his own blog any more, since he decided to do the dishonest cowardly manly thing and IP-blocked most of his detractors. Pity, they were far more entertaining than he was. I can still read as much as I want though, despite his attempts, and it's pretty easy to get around the block for a post or three, but honestly he's a prat. So I'll mock him from afar now and again, but otherwise leave the poor, deluded fellow be.

Only one page of sketches today, I let time slip away too much this afternoon. I'll shoot for three tomorrow.


Curtis said...

It's sad, albeit not surprising that Tom would resort to banning dissent from his blog, under the guise of banning people that were "attacking" him. Of course, in true hypocritical fashion, he didn't ban shaun, who posted many outright personal attacks, far worse than anything that I saw you post on there. It's really too bad that ignorance and deceit are celebrated within the creationist camp, especially when they claim to use logic, reason, and truth.


(Nice drawings btw)

Kelseigh said...

I stuck to one theme mainly, although he did specifically call me out as trying to "destroy" him. So I took that as encouragement and will continue to mock him and call him a liar here.

It's the right thing to do.