Friday, August 28, 2009

Giving it a miss

One of the problems with not getting a summer job is having to tighten your belt, so away go a lot of perks you already had. In my case, that meant giving up two things that had been mainstays, comics and quality cheese. Sure, it's a shame to miss out on those things, but I've been poor before and no stranger to sacrificing when I need to.

Well, school is about to start up again, my loan papers (hopefully) will be here next week, and with the low-income grant on top I should be in decent shape financially between now and April. Which means cheese now and again.

But not comics.

Seriously, it's time I took a break from them. I'm gonna have enough to do without getting sidetracked by that stuff, and without spending the money it takes. I'd pretty much pulled back to just getting a handful of manga in any case, and given the price of those volumes I'm better off.

Still gonna miss them all the same, but they're a frill. They can wait until I'm earning money of my own.

For art, the usual Preston Blair studies today, plus a page of trying to apply the concepts to some pics from Cute Overload. Mixed results, but not totally negative. I am heartened.

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