Saturday, December 26, 2009

So yeah, Xmas

Pretty standard for me these days, really. The only physical presents I got were from my mom, and it was the usual routine of watch I probably won't wear, blouse that's too small and an assortment of little stuff. Some decent earrings, which I appreciate, so that's a start.

The big surprise was she sprung for an iPod Nano. Seriously, I was floored at that one. I was further floored when I tried to set the thing up and found that (a) I had no choice but to use iTunes, and I object to having to install special software just to run an MP3 player, and (b) just how non-intuitive and pain in the ass iTunes is. The whole synchronization thing is an awful way of running things, honestly. The site doesn't explain it very well either, so I pretty much wasted a whole afternoon on all that. Finally managed, so thank heavens for small mercies. It'll come in handy this winter.

So between that, company, and just plain flaking out the past couple of days, I haven't got much to show. Here's a page though, which I'm actually pretty pleased with. More work needed of course, but what else is new?

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