Thursday, December 17, 2009

Done like donair

So that's it. I just put the finishing touches on my last project of the term, which was to design "a room with personality". I decided to go with a 70's designer's living room, and fortunately from the three concepts I submitted as thumbnails (I also submitted carnival ringmaster's bedroom and retro future living room) that's the one that got picked. Turned out pretty decently, although my plan is to set it aside for a few months, then return to it once school is finished in April to try to make it into a portfolio-worthy piece. It's not there yet, of course, but it will be.

So now I just have to go in EARLY tomorrow, pop into the print shop when it opens and get this photocopied onto 11x17, trim it and submit by 9. Easy, except the getting up at 5:30 am part.

Dangit, now I want donairs, Halifax-style. They sell things called donairs here, but lemme tell ya. They ain't donairs.

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