Wednesday, December 23, 2009

So about Christmas...

So it's hardly a secret that I'm not really on board with the whole Christian thing. I mean, it's cool if that's your thing, but it ain't really mine. So for a long while, I haven't been doing Christmas at all. It's been Solstice, if anything, especially when I was a lot deeper into paganism.

But you know, I've been drifting back to neutral again lately, probably since I never really got involved with the pagan community up here. So it's been more the quasi non-religious/Buddhist/vague paganism/animism melange that seems a default state for me. And what with Christmas upon us, I have to ask myself, do I do Christmas?

And yeah, I guess I do. At least to the degree I do any holiday.

See, what really decided me was looking back on being a kid and realizing that religion was never an inherent part of the holiday for me. The closest it ever got was one Christmas service I went to in elementary school (and was bored to tears), and the usual Charlie Brown Christmas and assorted lesser specials of the day. So when it came down to it, religion wasn't part of it. Family was, friends were, general good feeling and happiness was. So in the end, what's keeping me from enjoying this time of year?

Nuttin', dat's what.

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