Thursday, December 24, 2009

A pass is a pass

So the marks came out today, and it turns out I passed! Whee! Not a great showing in Animation Drawing, telling me I have to raise my game by a couple more steps if I want to reach my personal goals and standards. But at least I get the chance to do it in second term now. Of course, beyond that the marks really don't mean much, since employers in this business don't look at them at all. But they're nice to know.

Here's the breakdown:

Animation Design: A+
Practices & Principles: A
Enviro: A-
Life Drawing: B+
Animation Drawing: C+

I would have probably had a straight B in Animation if it weren't for the flour sack and my utter inability to make it work in the time provided. I'm glad it didn't totally sink me though.

Only two pages of sketches today. Hopefully more than that tomorrow.

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