Friday, August 13, 2010

Sick in the head like Glenn Gould

More street stuff. I'm really liking the Bridgehead at Bank & Slater. Not for the atmosphere. The atmosphere there sucks, if you want that go to Bank & Gilmour, the Glebe, or the one on Dalhousie. They're all awesome. No, what I like this one for, a lot, is the sight lines. If you get a seat facing the windows near the door, you get a fantastic view of the crosswalks, and if it weren't for the construction there'd be the bus station too. Very nice for someone studying people moving the way I have been.

If I wanted to study people just sitting around, I'd only have to sit facing the other way, and there you go.

In any case, still trying to improve, still hard on myself when I don't. Nothing terribly new there.

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