Monday, August 2, 2010

Love and hatred must combine

Busy, busy, busy. Work is winding up, with my last day probably either Thursday or Friday, which leaves me more or less open for the rest of the month to work on my drawing. And believe me, I need it! I've improved, no question, but I'm definitely gonna need that solid month of work to get good enough to keep up in second year.

The other awesome thing this week is my appointment on Saturday to discuss my new tattoo. Can't wait!! I've been wanting a third for a while now, and the draft design my friend did for me is awesome! Hopefully I'll be able to have it done sometime around the middle of the month, so I can show it off when school lets in. It'll be nice to have one that I can actually show people in public, heh.

Anyhow, I'm sure you're tired of my ballpoint "on location" sketches by now, although there are lots more to come. So instead have a few golf studies I did for my summer animation workshop. I'm pretty happy with what's there, I think it's as clear an indication as any that the work I'm putting in is going to pay off.

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