Thursday, July 1, 2010

So this is it, we're going to...HAPPY CANADA DAY!

Odd experience to be listening to music for Canada Day, as broadcast by a radio station in Seattle. Why? I dunno, mostly because I love KEXP's podcasts, and wanted to check out the source. It's good stuff though, so check out their site.

Otherwise, it was mostly drawing, although I did remember to have a grilled cheese sandwich. Everyone should have a grilled cheese sandwich on Canada Day. Make it a national holiday dish, maybe serve it to the Queen. I bet she'd have gouda or something, she seems the type. Me, I had a mixture of extra old cheddar and cheddar with horseradish. Not a bad combination. Sort of like Welsh Red Dragon without the mustard seed.

Art-wise, a bit of extra stuff that targets some weaknesses from last term. My last two assignments for Character Design, head design and character duos, turned out abysmally, and almost cost me my year. I can't allow that to happen this fall, so I've started concentrating on head shapes and gesture, using Ian Jeans' method. This will also help me with the Summer Animation Workshop project, so it's win-win for me if I can really push my skill over the next couple of months. To say nothing of improving my chances at success in second year.

Anyhow, here it all is.

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