Thursday, July 15, 2010

Drawing in the Mall: Day Three

There's something about drawing in a public place, nice mood music playing in your earphones (Jean-Michel Jarre's Equinoxe, in this case) that puts you in an interesting state of mind afterwards. I did my usual half-hour today, which was fairly productive as you can see, and afterwards it struck me as I walked to the bus that I was noticing the people around me more than I normally would, and in a strangely detached way.

The almost haughty look of the woman at the cosmetics counter. Her co-worker, discreetly rubbing her nose with a surprisingly polished motion. The emphatic man trying to interest passersby in skin cream. People browsing, with different attitudes and postures. The one woman, dressed in white, whose bust seemed oddly disproportionate to her slim frame, hunching forward as if being pulled along by breasts that didn't truly belong to her. Altogether a fascinating and strange parade of fascinating and strange humanity.

That alone makes it worth the trip, I think.

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