Monday, June 29, 2009

So here's what I'm gonna do

I figure it's about time I started making use of this blog, since I have it handy. I had to start it as part of my Pre-Animation course, but it's a handy alternate way to get my art out, and the more of that I can do, the better. Question is, how do I set it apart from my other outlets, like my sketchbook at which has a lot of the same images, or my deviantART.

So I'm gonna use this like a blog. No particular themes, maybe I'll link to interesting stuff, talk about my day or concerns (like still not having a job after two months), politics, or whatever. The twist, of course, is every post must have an image with it.

So that's the deal. Here's some feet to keep it legal.


Luna said...

Saying 'hi' as requested by the good CC. Hi! :)

sassy said...

Nice feet ;)

(via CC as well)

Kelseigh said...

Heh, thanks to you both.

If I drew boots, Lulu might approve.

Frank Frink said...

"Dad" (aka 'CC') said I had better come over and say hi! or else he would start drinking again and beat me.

So, hi!

Got anything with hands?

Kelseigh said...

Hmm. Lemme get back to you tomorrow, Frank, I might whip up a page of hands. To be honest, my focus right now has been torsos and limbs, a bit of feet, and the quick head stuff I've been doing. But we'll see, hands are always a good thing to practice.