Sunday, October 4, 2009

Haven't posted in a bit, been busy with course work. Hopefully I'll be getting more in the habit of drawing more and more as I learn better practices.

School's been good so far. Loads of new information right off the bat that we're now learning to apply. All fascinating stuff of course, and it's getting me more interested in animation itself than I used to be. Up to now my focus has been more on comics, but honestly I'm getting really into this whole animation concept.

But then, maybe I'm seduced by the fact that several of my classes revolve around watching cartoons and drawing stuff like what I've got below. Although it'll be a long time before I'm animating anything nearly that complex. For now it's the classic bouncing ball, and working our way up to doing the flour sack exercise developed by the early Disney guys by the end of the term.

Today's art is a couple of studies from Jean-David Morvan and Jose-Luis Munuera's fantastic adventure series, Navis. The characters and poses aren't mine, but rather they're exercises in learning how to do solid drawing with underlying construction, and a careful look should reveal a lot of the latter. Our Animation Drawing instructor really stresses this stuff, so it's to my best interest to practice it a lot.

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DeBT said...


I've been wanting to contact you ever since I saw your translations of several Euro-comics on ScansDaily, but didn't want to join the increasingly insular community to do so. These people who're constantly looking at S-hero comics are denying themselves of the full wreath that Euro-comics has to offer - and it's understandable, if they've never had a chance to see it for themselves. I remember on the Old ScansDaily site where there were multiple posts devoted to TechnoPriests, the CRAZIEST comic I'd ever read - and I've read Shintaro Kago Mangas!

I've long felt that if European comics had the same translation energy that Manga does, there would be a much larger demand for certain titles worthy of a wider English audience, such as Gaston, Nathalie, and Ludo among others.

I'd be really interested to see more quality translations from devoted people like you who know about these worthy works, and want to share the joy. Zannen f'rinstance, has translated only 7 chapters of CyberSix, as seen here:
He's also mentioned that he'd be willing to pass the project over to anyone who's interested in continuing past his last point. You can contact him here:

I touched off on quite a bit about scanlations in the second half of my blog entry here:

I'm very impressed with your sketches of the animals from the first Navis volume!