Thursday, April 9, 2009

Open House Coming Very Soon!

I hadn't realized that I didn't post anything here about the Open House next week. Very sloppy of me, to be sure.

Next Wednesday, from 3-7pm at the Woodroffe Campus of Algonquin College in Ottawa, will be an Open House held by the General Arts and Sciences programs that focus on art. That's Pre-Animation (which I'm in), Pre-Design, Pre-Fine Arts, Music and Multimedia. All of us will be showing our portfolios and whatever other material (such as video or music) is appropriate. There'll be food on site, admission is free to the public and there'll be free parking after 5pm. If you're in Ottawa on April 15, 2009, don't miss it.

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Huw said...

Hi Kels, some of check in once in a while, don't feel lonely. Best of luck with the thingie!